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We'll always be together in eclectic dreams

In a pleasant post-Murakami-novel daze. I'm trying to resist the usual urge to go out and read reviews. It seems now that that would just be me sparing myself the effort of framing my thoughts about the book for myself. I intend to do so some time soon, perhaps even in tomorrow's morning journal entry, I don't know.

As a small concession to laziness though (and as a none-too-subtle invitation to join me over at GoodReads), here's my short review when I marked it as read and rated it 5 stars out of 5:

Marvelous. I can't quite find the right words yet, still basking as I am in that incomparable afterglow of a great novel, but this is definitely Murakami at his best. Cool, mysterious, funny, but with a surprisingly warm, steadfast heart. Those words seem about right, despite how they sound like they come from some uninformed review (which they do). I am going to read this book again some day.

I feel inspired in a way to take up my own pen and explore my own thoughts, perhaps by way of a story, which I haven't attempted in a long time, and I've never really succeeded at, except in some small imitative manner. Perhaps reading about characters finding each other, themselves, and their own resolutions has given me some hope for myself and my own narrative.

Better milk this state of mind before tomorrow comes and I have to return to the same reality as always.